Life Coaching

Any change in your life can be demanding. We know we want it, but so often we are scared to take the first step. Coaching is here  to give you the power to own your life, the confidence to start and the roadmap that is right for you. My clients come to set harmony between their work and personal lives, to recharge their relationships or to find their own vision of life. I use both the classical coaching dialogue based on Gestalt therapy, and the innovative methods that engage your imagination, creativity, intuition, and sometimes also your body and breath. 

Career Coaching

We spend a lot of our time at work. That's why it should be something that gives us fulfilment and joy, not just the check to pay the bills. Are you caught between jobs that you actually don't appreciate doing? Do you feel there's something more in you? Do you want to boost your career? Are you thinking of setting up your own business? Career coaching can help you create your own career vision and set the goals ahead to make it happen. 

Career Consulting

Practical tips and tricks for you that I have collected during my 10+ years in the Human Resources field. Do you want to attract the right opportunity by having an excellent online job profile? Are you wondering how to act at the interview or assessment center to sell your skills and experience? Do you want your CV to stand out in the mass of papers on the recruiter's desk? I can introduce you to current recruitment trends, help you formulate your successes in your profile, and train you for the interview through role-play exercises. 

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Single coaching session

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60 EUR 

MINI Coaching Set

 3 x coaching session + final sum-up 

162 EUR

STANDARD Coaching Set

5 x coaching session + online motivation +  final sum-up

  270 EUR 

PREMIUM Coaching Set

7 x coaching session + motivation + on call consulting + sum-up

380 EUR 

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