Jacob S. 

Sales Manager

"There are times when a person is lost in their own thoughts, he or she can't make a proper decision and therefore is unable to further develop or set their own goals. In such times hiring a coach can help. And for me, Tereza is the best one. I felt comforted and encouraged. I appreciated her positive attitude, inner peace, and the way she guided me through the path of my thoughts towards awareness. I felt calm, my self-confidence grew, and I was able to use my critical thinking to overview the situation and make a couple of decisions. I truly recommend working with Tereza if you want to reach your goals. 

Lenka O.

Key Account Manager

"Tereza was my first coach and I was very surprised at how deep my coaching sessions were. She is very professional and prepared with various techniques which positively moved me towards opening my inner barriers. I also feel she is an effective person to work with. I highly recommend working with Tereza. It's clear she is passionate about helping people and gives her clients 110% of her attention.“

Anna R.

Actor, Singer, Anchor & Yoga Teacher 

"Thanks to Tereza I was able to create a plan, step by step, to pursue my dreams. Otherwise they would have stayed in my head. Time flies and we tend to postpone what we might be afraid to do by being stressed out with daily routines and obligations. We postpone ourselves. When we engage in what makes us happy, our dearest ones are happy as well. Life is too short to do something we are not passionate about or something that is not helping others."

Hana H.

Marketing Guru, Coach & Creative Mind

"Are you seeking a coach with a true interest in you and your story? Tereza is your perfect choice then. She is empathetic, creative and she is a true professional. Do not underestimate her tiny appearance, she can be as tough as nails. If you have decided to reach your goals, she is the perfect guide to encourage and inspire you. One more benefit for you: she consults HR-related topics like a duck takes to water.“